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(Q): Is my data safe on TO.tc?

(A): Yes! It is! We do not pass on this information and datas to anybody nor is it sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes. In order to regard your data accessible only for you, please store your password carefully and do not give it to other persons! You can create "good" and secure password here with this password generator (Powered by DomainGiver.com).

(Q): How many (short link) combinations can be created with TO.tc and 4 characters?

(A): Currently 14.776.336 and that's enought. Example (1 Six zeros = 1 Million ).


Number of

Number of

1 (621) = 62

Example: to.tc/c

2 (622) = 3.844

Example: to.tc/7C

3 (623) = 238.328

Example: to.tc/Sk7 Custom URLs possible with TO.tc

4 (624) = 14.776.336

Example: to.tc/a2dW (TO.tc) Regular generated URLs

5 (625) = 916.132.832

Example: to.tc/u29Op

6 (626) = 56.800.235.584

Example: to.tc/8Lor9B

7 (627) = 3.521.614.606.208

Example: to.tc/s2vSvk9

8 (628) = 218.340.105.584.896

Example: to.tc/29sn8X5W

9 (629) = 13.537.086.546.263.552

Example: to.tc/PmH8gSnsk

10 (6210) = 839.299.365.868.340.224

Example: to.tc/SnpMK9svkK


(Q): Is the short link service of TO.tc for free if i'm a registred member?

(A): Yes! It is! You can have an free registred account of TO.tc. And we want to be very happy if you want to use our service.

(Q): Is there a premium version of TO.tc?

(A): Yes! It is! You can (see our currently prices) and you can upgrade your account every time to a premium account and you can pay with PayPal for a month or year (monthly or yearly). Monthly terminable. No minimum tract period. Every month the contract expires automatically.

(Q): It's possible to create a custom splash page?

(A): Yes! It is! A custom splash page is a transitional page where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. You can have up to a maximum of 5 splash pages and you can choose one for each URL. Please note: Your custom splash page will be added manually after receipt of a premium account. Latest after 24 hours.

(Q): Can i create short links without an account?

(A): Yes! You can! First one, you can use the TO.tc service for free and without an account (anonymous). But you can have an free account and you can use much, much more features and more options to create and manage your own short links. Example: No captcha and bulk short link creating possible.

One dashboard to manage everything. Our dashboard lets you control everything. Manage your URLs, create bundles, manage your splash pages and your settings, all from the same dashboard (registred account). Create an account for free!

(Q): What is "We are currently under maintenance."?

(A): We make a backup of TO.tc. All links are working. Only new links can not be created for the few minutes.

(Q): Can i login with a social plattform like facebook or twitter?

(A): Yes! You can!  You can login in with your facebook, twitter or google+ account.

(Q): I can not get a new password?

(A): For safety reasons. We never want to save your facebook, twitter or google+ password! Be sure that you don't use your facebook, twitter or google+ account? If you have used a social network to login. Please note that in this case you don't have a password set.

(Q): How can i see my short link statistic?

(A): With "+"!  Example for an short link statistic website of TO.tc http://to.tc/FDMD1+ with statistic map. Original short link URL is http://to.tc/FDMD1, and the statistic website is every time with an "+" after the URL.

(Q): What if i find a bug or error on TO.tc?

(A): Please report the bug here! We want to be transparently if we have problems, bugs or errors on TO.tc. Currently bugs and errors on TO.tc:

  • Contact form doesn't work [SOLVED]
  • Forgot password doesn't work [SOLVED]
  • Google+ login doesn't work [SOLVED]
  • Currently the free account exist only (no payment possible yet) [Beta] [SOLVED]
  • www redirect and without redirect [SOLVED]
  • Twitter login doesn't work [SOLVED]
  • FAQ's disabled or not visible [SOLVED]

(Q): What are the rules for short links on TO.tc?

(A): Please respect our rules. No children pornography or criminal and illegal contents. We can't check every created short link but we want to delete every short link with illegal and not accepted content. Please send an email to us and let us know if you have found an illegal short link that was created on TO.tc. Thanks in advance!

(Q): Can TO.tc see where i post my short links?

(A): No, this is your secret...

(Q): How can i use the TO.tc bookmarklet?

(A): You can use our bookmarklet tool if you an registred user to instantaneously shorten any site you are currently viewing and if you are logged in on our TO.tc website, it will be automatically saved to your account for future access. Simply drag the following link to your bookmarks bar or copy the link and manually add it to your favorites.

(Q): How can i find the bookmarklet?

(A): Login into your account and go to "settings" left side (bar).

(Q): How can i use the TO.tc api key for my own website, community, forum or blog?

(A): Login into your account and go to "settings" left side (bar). We provide an api system that you can use to shorten URLs from your own applications and save them in your account in the process. You can also use the api to fetch data about a URL, provided that you have the permission to do so. You can find out more information below. Example for an api key: VKSyNK08Bsuk generated by TO.tc

(Q): What is an api key?

(A): API key english (Wikipedia), API key german (Wikipedia), API key spain (Wikipedia), API key portuguese (Wikipedia). Note: No support for integrating api keys on your website at the moment. Sorry. Perhaps in the near future.


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